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University of Houston - Downtown graduate (B.A.) English

I am an SEO Copywriter with experience writing compelling narratives to connect brands with their audience. 

Copywriting, SEO, Web Marketing Writing, Blogging, Proofreading, Editing, Traveler. 

Latest Work

Women in Automotive: She is Known as the Mother of Automotive and Changed the Automobile as We Know it – Meet Bertha Benz

She was more than just a dedicated mother of five. She was also a catalyst for the growth of the automotive industry. This Mother’s Day, we remember Bertha Benz as the mother of automotive. Thanks to her innovative contributions and perseverance in a predominantly male field, Bertha Benz earned the moniker “mother of the automobile.”
Porsche Ice Experience

Drift into the Great White Open – indiGO Auto Group Goes International as Porsche Takes Winter to a New Level at Ice Canada

Most people picture cozy fires, hot cocoa, and peaceful serenity when they think of winter – but at Porsche Ice Experience, winter isn’t for seating still. It’s quite the opposite actually. Porsche Ice Experience is the season where snow, ice, and other treacherous conditions serve as a whole new exciting driving experience for Porsche enthusiasts.