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Porsche Ice Experience

Drift into the Great White Open – indiGO Auto Group Goes International as Porsche Takes Winter to a New Level at Ice Canada

Most people picture cozy fires, hot cocoa, and peaceful serenity when they think of winter – but at Porsche Ice Experience, winter isn’t for seating still. It’s quite the opposite actually. Porsche Ice Experience is the season where snow, ice, and other treacherous conditions serve as a whole new exciting driving experience for Porsche enthusiasts.
Popular celebrity cars

Hollywood Celebrities Continue to Influence the Automotive World by Flaunting Their Exquisite Luxury Machines - Find Out What These A-listers are Driving

Celebrities continue to be the biggest influencers in the automotive world as the media spills the tea on the most popular celebrity cars in Hollywood.
It seems that the rich and famous inhabit an entirely different world, one where those with normal lifestyles want to know what the most popular celebrity cars are so they can have a successful car buying experience.